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"Thank you again for your wonderful donation. We took the puppy to the vet this afternoon for a well check and he advised all looked good & we left with a clean bill of health!  Thank you for helping our school and church.  This puppy is so good, no whining at night and doing great going outside to potty. We're loving him and so are my girls.  Take care and feel a hug."

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"I can't thank you enough for our darling dog. He has such a sweet deposition and is a perfect fit for our family. I thought you'd like a picture of him today with my girls. We all love him so much. We named him Grayson."


"Just wanted to let you know the puppy is doing great!  We named him MacArthur because he was born on Pearl Harbor day. We all adore him! He is sweet and
very smart and completely adorable. We are constantly getting compliments on him and his super cuteness!

Thanks so much, he is a huge blessing for our family!"

"Our little Lucy is the light of our lives.
She has the perfect temperament and
we get so many compliments about how
beautiful and healthy she is! We knew
we had to come back to you when it
was time to get her a brother!"

"Thanks so much for our wonderful puppy!  He was the best Christmas gift ever! He is doing so well and is great with the girls. He is also very spoiled. We named him Harley.  He and our other schnauzer have
become best of friends!"



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"We got Baxter from you at the end of August, last summer.  Baxter is so sweet and affectionate. We love him so much! My other poodle mix dog, Bernie, has mothered him since we got him and plays with him like she is a puppy.
Baxter is spoiled rotten by everyone, but we are so happy to have him in the family."

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"I purchased my beautiful schnoodle puppie in July. He weighed one and one half pounds when I took him home. We have grown to love this dog and cannot imagine our lives without him! He is house broken and is so smart that he knows his many toys by name.  THANK YOU"